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When Life Has Been Unkind And Your Losing Your Mind
Look In The Mirror, Afraid Of What You'll Find
Tomorrow is party party party! I'm out all day at Mel's, then I'm off the Liam's for the night. Did I mention party?????

I've been out shopping and out with friends ALL DAY! From 9am to about 6.15pm so I'm in such a good mood :)

Life is good atm! Sorry about my crappy LJ friendiness :( I swear I'll pick up the pace soon!

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I've given up on watching the football today! So I'm sitting here online, listening to music while it's on in the background just do I don't miss out on anything.

Yesterday was extremly boring. But today is looking to be alot better considering it's a sunday.

I'm going to try ebay for someone Converse later. My trainers are falling apart so I'm going to follow the trend instead! haha. Go me :)
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I'm addicted to the new McFly song! It's nice to have a new McFly song to listen too actually... speaking of McFly this sunday, it'll be a year since I last saw them :\ but no worries, I'M SEEING THEM TWICE IN SEPTEMBER!! yay.

Sent off my C.V to the new Odeon cinema which recently opened in Milton Keynes. I filled out an application last month and they said they were interested in me and requested an C.V, so I built one last minute and had a few people check it over. FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME!

I need to go clothes shopping for the summer. Should probberly get round to that in the next two weeks at some point, lets just wait for this Job thing first?

I'm in SUCH a good mood :) yay everything.
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So this journal is public now! :O! Screw the friends lock. The past few months I've been so bored of LJ :'( so I needed a new idea and here it is; everyone can read about me and my crazy opinion's on life! WAHEY, eh?

For example;


AHHHH. Just when Steven Gerrard scored (84), Sweden just had to swoop in and steal out thunder like that!?


Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com



Ughhh. I'm so bored :\ let me tell you about my day...

My commenting should be up to speed soon too ;)

Dancing To: Please Please - McFly

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...hopefully to stay and update like normal again :) WHICH I WILL DO RIGHT AFTER ENGLAND Vs. SWEDEN

Dancing To: pass the dutch - missy elliot (Mean Girls Soundtrack)

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Friends Only.

You know the drill :D

Feeling So: productive productive
Dancing To: *Bounce*

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Jennifer Aniston Mood Theme

Here's the Jennifer aniston mood theme I've been making!! If you take and use please comment buffy_harris in your user info!!

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</b>Click Here To Download</b></center>

You need a paid account to use this. If you don't know how to use this feel free to ask. Please upload moods to your own server ;)

[august 17th 2004]

Feeling So: intimidated intimidated

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Ok. I've got 8 of what I think are the best and most memorable songs from the American Pie Trilogy and I've uploaded them in a zip file.

Click Image To Download


Everywhere - Michelle Branch [American Pie 2]
Fat Lip - Sum 41 [AP2]
Hash Pipe - Weezer [AP2]
I See You Baby [Shaking That Ass] - Groove Armarda [American Wedding]
Laid - Matthew Nathenson [AW]
One Week - Barenaked Ladies [American Pie 1]
Smooth Criminal -Alien Ant Farm [AP2]
Want You Back - Offspring [AP2]

Enjoy! Comment if you download. My actual entry is below, comment there for anything else ;)

Gonna make this so everyone can see it, including people not on my friends list.

[august 4th 2004]

Feeling So: peaceful peaceful
Dancing To: Hash Pipe - Weezer

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Ignore this post. This is for me.

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(Actual date: July 4th 2005)

Feeling So: mellow mellow
Dancing To: Ironic - Alanis Morrisette

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Ignore this. It's just so I can link colurbars in my userinfo without having to post them all there.

made by __iiicons

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